Geometry Dash is Impossibe Game??

2017-09-02 03:39:46 by Burtjack


Me [ 1% ]

Riot [ 100% ]

Hardest Level in Geometry Dash

5562858_150433714252_Easy_Demon.pngThe Nighmare [ Complete ]

Me [ 100% ]


Me [ 15% ] Noob


Me [ 1.2% ] Noob


Here all the Difficulty

5562858_150433737172_Easy.pngEasy5562858_150433742093_Normal.pngNormal5562858_150433744231_Hard.pngHard5562858_150433746443_Harder.pngHarder5562858_150433750632_Insane.pngInsane5562858_150433756282_Easy_Demon.pngEasy Demon5562858_150433760311_Medium_Demon.pngMedium Demon5562858_150433766673_HardDemon.pngHard Demon5562858_150433769571_Insane_Demon.pngInsane Demon

The Mind Blowing Difficulty:

5562858_150433773553_Extreme_Demon.pngExtreme Demon

Example Levels: Erebus , Sonic Wave , BloodBath , Yatagarasu , Cataclysm , God Eater , Kaphkiel ,

Sapuken Hell: There are total of 91 Extreme Demon level are available now!





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2017-09-02 04:21:59

My stats:

DeadLocked- 100%

The Nighmare- have'n played it.

BloodBath- 18%

Yatagarasu- have'n played it.


Jawbreaker- 100%

Sonic Wave- 28%

Burtjack responds:

Can you take screenshot the deadlocked and your name?


2017-09-02 05:43:19

i haven't playd geometry dash for a mil. years

Burtjack responds:

Good to hear LOL


2017-09-02 09:28:37

I Played geometry dash. But I Could Mute The Music And Replace it with some rhythm heaven music. As I Replaced It, It Would Be Called "Rhythm Dash"

Here is some Song Combo Exampls:
Hole In One Music For "Stereo Madness" = Hole In Stereo.
Micro Row Music For "Back On Track" = Back On Micro Row
What other Song Combos Exampls Will They be Called? I Don't Know The Others But you Can Tell Me What Others You Can Be Called Like Dried Out Bot Factory or Some Sort? And I Didn't Got Any Rhythm Heaven games! I Should Have Gotten a Emulator To Play A Rhythm Heaven Game On My Computer... Because There is No Rhythm heaven Games On the App Store For The IPad Or The IPhone!