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2017-10-21 05:30:44 by Burtjack


Everyone can access to use these Gibbs[Not Gibb50] in your animation. GL


-BurtJack :T

Gibs Wounds [ FREE ]

2017-10-14 23:46:44 by Burtjack

Do you need Gibs , Wounds?

Hard to make one?

PM me if you need some any!


Discord Server

2017-10-12 04:47:33 by Burtjack


Free to Use!!


Wierdest Shot ever!

2017-10-10 04:53:21 by Burtjack


Current Progcess of Burtation: 58%

Intro: 100%

Place Where i dead: 100%

Mad Science Did something to me: 100%

Jail: 100%

Room1: 0%

Room2: 100%

Room3: 0%

Room4: 0%

Room5: 0%

Ending: 2%

Ground Zero Members:










Сегодня я просто добавил одного парня, который русский. Его зовут MadnessWolf и Croude.
И они говорили по-русски. И я не понимаю. И они 2 говорят [Вы знаете, что, мы можем научить вас русскому, вы должны учить русский, чтобы получить A + и закончить свою школу с русским языком), и я попробовал. Говорить по-русски сложно.

[Don't Understand?]

Today i just added one guy thats russian. His name is MadnessWolf and Croude.
And They 2 speaking was Speaking Russian. And i dont Understand. And they 2 says [ You know what, we can teach you russian, you must learn russian to get A+ and finish your school with russian] and i tried. Speaking Russian is hard tho.

[I tried with my teacher, dad to write all this words.]

Yes Hard! xD

ScreenShot 8725623#

2017-10-06 11:04:43 by Burtjack


This is my First time, jumping over a lazy Solbat. Hmm...

OOoooh Watch out that knife Faggot! O_O

Burtation Progcess: 50%

Oh I late for Madness Day. Uummmm.

Ground Zero Members:

-BurtJack [ Me ]

-Prov22 [ Not Me ]

-MasterZaba [ MasterShifu ]

-Croude [ Non Animator but Cool 8) ]

-GeometryDashLetsRock [ Yeh ]

-None [ Not me ]

-None [ None but There is something ]

This is my day. Madness Day!

!Happy Early Chirstmas!


Oh holy bazard!

2017-09-30 03:09:27 by Burtjack

After Project:Zero movie Finished, i got +10 Fans!

Mean i have 60 Fans!! Yeeeeeh

I just Completed Deadlocked!!


This Took me 1 Mouth to Complete

2046 Attempts

6534 Jumps

Happy Mad mess Day!




These guys will Kill me!

2017-09-27 04:30:12 by Burtjack


Combonie Xteal is Real!

Burtation Progcess: 48%


2017-09-25 07:53:25 by Burtjack


Madness Burtation Current Progcess: 48%

Intro: 100%

Place Where i dead: 100%

Mad Science Did something to me: 100%

Jail: 90%

Room1: 2%

Room2: 25%

Room3: 0%

Room4: 0%

Room5: 0%

Ending: 5%

Our New Enemy?

2017-09-24 10:18:29 by Burtjack


This Science is Creepy.

AAHW is the one our enemy.

Now this science?